Follow my husband of 13 years and I as we explore a 24/7 domestic discipline D/s lifestyle together. New to the lifestyle and learning as we go along, we’re open to thoughts from those with more experience.

18+ only please |  NSFW

Spirited, precocious, and sassy, I was a wild out of control lazy domestic partner in desperate need of a firm hand to tame my smart mouth and bring me to heel while retaining my spirited nature. With a deep love for my husband and desire to please him, I have given myself in submission.

Kat Ireland

Despite being a natural dominant, learning to deal with Kat’s selfish behavior and lazy ways, I am stirred by her willingness to submit, I will guide her towards becoming her best self. Always my lover and beautiful partner, I will protect her to my end of days and with her consent I will make her wholly mine.

Master Gemini